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4our SeaSuns Disaster Relief

We are currently accepting donations and assistance requests for individuals affected by: Hurricane Idalia, Hurricane Michael, Hurricane Ida, Maui Fires and other disasters on a case by case basis.


On October 10, 2018 Category 5 Hurricane Michael delivered a devastating blow to everyone throughout the area we service.  Most of the rentals in Mexico Beach are off market, the majority of homes are destroyed and spirits are shaken. We know that as a community we will all be back stronger than ever.


As evacuations were ordered, Betsie and I stayed behind and prepared to ride out the storm.  We stationed with friends just north of town with a Fire Truck and Rescue Vehicle to be prepared to enter Mexico Beach immediately following the storm and begin search and rescue.  What we saw when we entered the City was more than we ever imagined. 

We worked tirelessly in the days following helping in anyway we could to get people back on their feet.  On October 23, 12 days following the storm, we created "4our SeaSuns Disaster Relief" a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on providing relief to survivors of the storm.  We saw many individual GoFundMe pages and non-profits raising money for different organizations, but we never found an organization 100% dedicated to individuals in need in the area.

4our SeaSuns Disaster Relief consists of a board of directors that reviews applications for all different forms of need.  We provide grants to individuals assisting with getting them back on the road to recovery. If you have a unique request, please do not hesitate to submit the request, we will do anything we can to assist.  It is our hope that our organization continues to grow and we hope to assist in other disasters that may occur throughout the country.

If you would like to make a tax deductible contribution to our organization, you may do so here, or by mail at: "4our SeaSuns Disaster Relief"488 5th Street Mexico Beach, FL 32456

If you have any questions or have a unique donation you would like to discuss, please email

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