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Current Developments

We are currently speaking with a couple of developers to locate the right piece of property for their projects. Stay tuned to this page for further announcements as these potential projects move forward.

Development Opportunites

Why Develop in the Mexico Beach area?

  • Tyndall Airforce Base- Located just West of Mexico Beach

    • •November 28, 2017 it is announced that Tyndall AFB will be the site for the new MQ-9 Reaper Wing

    • •This new addition will add 1,600 new jobs at the base and $250 Million in military construction

    • •1,400 airmen and their families are expected to relocate to the area by 2020-2021

  • Eastern Ship Building

    • •September 15, 2016, the Coast Guard awards a $10.5 Billion contract to eastern ship building to build two dozen new U.S. Coast Guard cutters

    • •January 3, 2018, the Bay County Board recommends $20 Million in Triumph funds be given to Eastern Shipbuilding to help fund the manufacturing project

    • •Directly and in directly support more than 10,000 full-time and part-time jobs from 2016-2024

  • The St Joe Port- 10 miles East of Mexico Beach

    • •December 13, 2017 Gulf County Commissioners formally moved ahead on constructing a dry dock facility at the Port for Eastern Shipbuilding

    • •Creation of 2,000 jobs related to the Coast Guard Contract at Eastern Shipbuilding

    • •The Port is actively seeking businesses to help make the Port St. Joe Port thrive.

    • •The Port is 1 of 15 ports in the State of Florida, and has the most direct access to the Panama Canal

  • Gulf to Bay Hwy

    • •US Hwy 98 will be moved to go behind the back of the City and reattach near crooked Island on the West End of Mexico Beach between the City and Tyndall AFB.

    • •Brings traffic off the beach behind the City

    • •It is currently on the 5 year plan for FDOT

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